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10 for 2020

I had a great start to 2020. Having welcomed the New Year by the beach in Sri Lanka with hugs and wishes from people who became my friends on the road, the experience was elating and I wouldn’t have had it another way.

However, at the beginning of each year, I make a list of things that I want to achieve that year and I can proudly say that in the past 3 years I’ve achieved about 80 per cent of it. That being said, I thought I’d go an extra mile this time by putting it out there in the universe, helping me manifest my dreams to reality.

Read one book a month, or more

I’m not to going to take up the #52BooksIn2020 because I know I’ll not be able to live up to that promise. I like to read my book at my own pace, swing with the characters and immerse myself in the place best described in the book. However, if I was to take up that challenge, I would have just read for the sake of reading and nothing beyond that - hence, reading one book per month gives me enough time to juggle between things and read when I can. And if I read more than one book, it’s a bonus.

Experience six new encounters

Travelling is the love of my life. It makes me unwind from the busy life that lead, helps me relax and reconnect. However, in the past two years, I haven’t travel much or have only been to those place that I’ve already been to, multiple times. This year I want to change it.

Six is the number that I’m giving myself, but more the merrier.

Follow me on my Instagram @weirdlyrosh for more travel content (shameless plug) :P

Fill in the journals that I’ve bought in the past years

I've always had this itch to buy new journals very often. It’s not because I exhausted the ones that I had, but because they were beautiful and in the hope that I’ll write more. But, I haven’t written much this past year. And to be honest, I haven’t blogged much since the time I prioritised Microsoft Outlook over Microsoft Word - and 2020 is the year of change.

After all, one has to make time for things that they enjoy doing.

Save, whatever I can

2019 has been an expensive year. A lot of money was spent on expensive gadgets and H&M, however, this year I want to shop less, save more and probably start investing (because tax benefits - ah! I sound like such a grownup).

Pick up a new hobby

Though I have enough things to keep me busy along with my corporate life, I would like to pick up a new hobby. I don't know what it is right at this moment and shall discover that as I discover myself.

Reduce the consumption of alcohol and nicotine

Though alcohol has never been an addiction, nicotine is and I would fondly like to blame it on my successfully stressful corporate life. But keeping the excuses aside, I would like to reduce the consumption of both. I’m not a sage to cut down completely because I know I can’t #KeepingItReal

Get my driver’s license

Growing up I’ve always been this person who disliked driving, thus not having the need to get a driver’s license. However, when I realised that taking a cab to work every day cost me much more than what I would've paid for gas, I panicked. If not a two-wheeler for this year (or maybe), I have to get my driver’s license.

Grow, while helping others grow

I know it sounds cliched, but it’s true. As an individual, you’ll have to grow emotionally, mentally and professionally, and when you have the secret sauce, help others grow along with you because growing as a community is much better and profound than growing alone.

A little muscle maybe?

I have tried going to the gym a couple of years back. Went for a month and dropped it because my dopamine couldn’t fight my laziness. But this year I would like to make a steady dedication.

Stay true, and take no shit

If I’ve to do all of the above, I’ve to be true to myself. And to be true and take no shit from people who are no matter how good or bad, or are negative for no apparent reason. Also, staying away from them would not cause me anything because what will I even do being around them?

I ain’t got any time for BS.

Have you made your to-do list for 2020? If so, what are they? If not, well, you've still got time because both you and I know that January in itself felt like a year and let February be a fresh start.

Follow me through my journey on Instagram @weirdlyrosh for more travel and lifestyle-related content.

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