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A Jaipur Affair - Day 2

When I plan for a trip, I watch videos and read blogs as a part of my research. So, when I was researching for my trip to Jaipur, my good friend Swapnil gave me information on what to do and where to go exploring. However, I had one question for him. You may call me ignorant, but this is what I was exposed to from travel videos, blogs, movies and TV series. I shamelessly asked my friend if he lived in a haveli, and if not, I’d like him to take me to his ancestral haveli. He replied, ‘you spoilt brat, I live in a 3BHK apartment, and the city is more than just the Havelis.’

Now that I was brought back to reality, we decided to explore day 2 at Jaipur doing less touristy things.

Lal Maas for life

If you recall my previous blog post on Jaipur, I didn’t want this trip to be one of those where I’ve marked everything off my list. I was expecting this trip to be different, where I immersed myself in experiences that I chose, rather than doing everything on my list. I had a late start where the breakfast was sacrificed for a great lunch. One thing I wanted to indulge in was Lal Maas - a meat curry from Rajasthan, which is prepared using tender mutton in a sauce of curd and hot spices.

Another misconception or the height of ignorance that I had about Rajasthan was that it’s a desert land, which means Rajasthan gets very little to no rainfall. However, I got a reality check when I stepped out of Niros with one of the strongest downpours. Travelling makes one learn a lot about the place. Though there are books, blogs, videos and other information on the internet about places, I think nothing can come closer to first-hand experiences. Of course, they give you an insight on what to expect, but these are the creators’ experiences, which they take you on. The truth be told, nothing can come closer to what you might experience when you travel. Every traveller’s experience is different – your tastebuds will relish the same food differently.

After a heavy meal, the rain came as a surprise. We had a few things planned for the day, however, we decided to ditch that for the time being and drove around Jaipur. I must say, the downpour did add an exotic charm to this already charming city.

Shopping at the best

The drive around the city led us to the epicentre of shopping in Jaipur – Bapu Bazar and Johri Bazar. These shopping streets nestled in the heart of the old town of Jaipur is any quintessential shoppers’ dream. You’ll find anything from traditional juttis to handlooms to jewellery to precious stones, under one umbrella, all at walking distance.

Swapnil and I went on a shopping spree after the sunset, and the market was decked with lights, giving a festive vibe. And when you’re at Johri, please do walk up to Hawa Mahal in the evening and witness its glory.

Note: I am not here to advise what to buy from where because Bapu and Johri Bazar are the epitome of what Jaipur can offer, which fits your budget. Every store is different and has something unique to offer. If you’re good at bargaining, you’re in for a treat. So, put your walking shoes on, and explore the streets of the Bapu and Johri – you may never know what you’d end up finding in this shopping paradise.

On a hunt for a new experience

After spending some money on all the things we wanted, Swapnil and I joined his friends. We drove around the city and, in due time, they decided to indulge me in an experience which was different, which I’d have not done by myself. That being said, I don’t how and when but, all I remember was that we stopped by at a Pan shop right next to a petrol bunk, and I had my first experience of Pan. Truth be told I, quite liked it. Now, every time I’ll eat Pan, I’ll remember these beautiful people.

Travelling indeed spoils you with different experiences, but having done a fair share of travelling myself, I can vouch that these experiences teach something new. The one thing that I’ve learned through my travel over the years is that these experiences are different to each one of us, and we need to share our experiences. I might not be able to give you an exhaustive list of things to do or experiences to indulge in, but as I pen down my time at a city, I aim to take you around the vastness of the city through my eyes.

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