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  • Roshan Dhanasekar

After all, it wasn’t that bad either

Like every other new year, we all welcomed 2020 with a great bang. We planned our lives to the t, our vacations seemed not too far, and our workout schedules were on point. But we all know that it quite didn’t go as per our plan. A virus, invisible to the naked eyes claimed the throne and decided to be the bad king. But as we retrospect, it wasn’t that bad either. Of course, the entire world came to a standstill, people lost their loved ones, unemployment spiked and GDP fell, and the familiar was not so familiar anymore. But 2020 taught us things that we would have otherwise postponed for a later date.

Looking back at the year it has been, I’m filled with gratitude for so many people - our front line workers who worked relentlessly to curb the virus and kept us safe amidst the pandemic. Our friends and families, who stood by us, making sure that we were doing okay as we juggled our professional and personal life. All the OTT platforms and content creators on social media platforms who kept us entertaining. Researchers who invented the vaccine for the bad boy. Employers who made sure that their employees were well recognised and paid on time, and employers who hired talents despite the uncertain job market.

As I said before, it wasn’t a bad year after all, but it wasn’t easy either. We had to unlearn all our learnings and start afresh so we could cope with what the world has become. We went by the rules that Mother Nature set for us rather than the rules we set for ourselves. It felt like we were aliens on our planet. But all of these taught us that we could emerge stronger despite having thrown to the deepest ends. That as a community, we can exist together.

What does 2021 look like for me?

Honestly speaking I've no plans for 2021, yet. It's not because I couldn’t execute the things I planned for 2020 well - it’s just because I want to be more fluid this year rather than a machine who likes to strike off things written on a piece of paper (or apps - in 2020 our gadgets became our friend, the one who was annoying yet can't live without).

In 2021, I look forward to living my life the way I want to (it’s easier said than done). I want to experience life to the fullest, live in the present and leave the future for tomorrow. Even if I don’t wake up the following morning to see this beautiful world and experience the earthly affair, I want my soul to be content that I lived my ‘present’ to the whole and didn’t worry about the future.

In 2021, I want to embrace relationships - the relationship that I have with myself, with my friends and families, and with nature because memories are something that you will carry beyond this physical world (I’ve been watching too many YouTube videos on psychic mediums, especially Theresa Caputo).

In 2021, I want to believe in myself and the journeys that I take. To reinstil the lost hope and feel worthy of the things I enjoy. I want to be there for myself and not give up during difficult times.

All of these are easier said than done. But to be honest, all it takes is that first step forward.

So, 2021, bring it on, let’s age together.

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