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Dear Superhero, Happy Mother’s Day!


I haven’t told you this often, but I'm proud of you.


I’m proud of you for pushing me out of your womb.

I’m sorry that I was a heavy child, that I tore you apart when I came into this world.

I’m grateful to the doctors who sutured you within 10 minutes so that you don’t bleed out on that table and I could have a mother.


I’m proud of you for holding the fort when enemies fired the shots.

You nurtured and cared for me like no one ever could, and thank you for making me feel safe as I rested my head on your bosom.


I’m proud of you for listening to me.

I remember the time when dad left us, and you were heartbroken.

You asked me if we could end the life. I was 10-years-old.

I said, “Amma, you can if you want. But I want to live”, and then you lived for me.


I’m proud of you for having my back and trusting in me.

When the entire world told you that you raised me wrong, you stood there by my side.

You trusted me when I told you the truth, and you had a smirk on your face when I lied to you.

And the best part was that both of us ended up breaking into laughter to share our deepest secrets.


I’m proud of you for choosing to raise me against the odds.

When the whole world was crumbling down upon us, you stood there with your back arched straight and confident.

You held me firm with your bruised hands, assuring me that you will stand by me even if all hell broke loose.

The dark circles under your beautiful bold eyes glisten with stories of bravery.


I’m proud of you for baking the plum cake that your dad taught you after 27 years of his demise.

I know it was hard for you to prepare his recipe.

When the cake rose to perfection, emanating the flavours within, tears rolled down your caramelised cheeks thinking about him.


Not all superheroes wear a cape some, wear saris too. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for being my mom, dad, friend and confidant.

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