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Doors of Pondicherry

Last weekend I was at Pondicherry with my friends, visiting other friends. If you know a little me, I love scenic and calm road that is filled with trees on either side and the moment I stepped into one such streets of Pondicherry, I was baffled with the French architecture. I instantly fell in love with the city and I made up my mind that I should move here one day.

Clean roads, flowers on either sides, French architecture, beautiful doors with a contrast on the wall – if you love all this, you should come and visit Pondicherry. Well, cheaper drinks? C’mon, it’s time for you to pack your bags for a weekend trip.

As I said, I was baffled by the French architecture and the doors of each house there. So, here are a few pictures that I’d like to share with you.

But the city is not all about its architecture and doors, which I adore the most, but also about its aesthetic appeal.

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