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From Homeland To Foreign Land – A Dreamer’s Tale

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

If you’re following me on my social media accounts, you know that I love travelling – be it a nearby city or a faraway land and if you’re glued to my socials, you’ll also that I’m currently in Dubai – the land of Arabs, the land of Habibies, the land where the dreams come true and the fantasies take a special tour of the city, witnessing the old and new of this diverse land. To be honest, this city is not just for one kind of a person or for one community, but for everyone. I mean, you can find people from all over the world and that, to be honest, is a satisfying sight. Okay! Let’s get to the story.

I knew this trip was happening as I had the tickets in my hand around 6 months back. Yes, you heard me right. And, I had to control my excitement and happiness and you ask me why? Well, the tickets in my hand just meant that I could travel but the permission to enter this country was only by obtaining a visa. Well, as a matter of fact, to obtain a visa to this country is easy as tourism here is active. But your home boy (me. JK) is only 21-years-old, whereas 22 is the legal age to travel here without adult supervision, and having not met that category, the chances of my visa getting rejected was way very high.

But it was worth a shot. Upon submitting correct documents, I had my visa in about a week's time.

A few day’s wait and the day came, I left for the airport way early than the designated time of departure and my suitcase was I packed several days in advance (I was bored and excited at the same time). So, I reached the airport and found people lined up in long queues waiting to be let in. With no other option, but to wait, it took me about 15 odd minutes to get inside the terminal. But it is only then I understood that there was no point in getting to the airport this early because the help desk said that the check-in counters would only open 4 hours before the flight. I had no other choice, but to wait.

2 hours later

The check-in counter opened, I wait in the line and approached the girl at the counter, handed out my passport, ticket and visa, dropped my bag, then she hands me my passport, visa and boarding pass, and I notice that I have been upgraded to business class (at this point, I’m happy and overwhelmed).

Having completed completed the immigration and security check in 20 minutes, I had ample amount of time to kill. And what better way than reading a book. The Girl With A Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer gave me company.


My flight was at 6:30 AM and at around 5:45 AM my boarding began. I headed to the aircraft, took my seat and secretly hoped that that no sits next to me, but to my dismay the aircraft was full and so were the sits next to me. An elderly couple sat next to me and for the next four and half hours that we were in the air, they continued to judge me and look at me with a dismay because I was ready a book which had half naked Amy Schumer on the cover.


40 minutes before landing

As I was busy reading, the first officer makes a decent announcement which went something like this.

FO: We are cruising at 32,000 feet.

Me: *in my head* Wow, that’s freaking cool.

FO: The temperature outside is – 42 degree Celsius.

Me: *again, in my head* Cool. Wait, Whaaat?

I was instantly overwhelmed and kept the excitement to myself because I was anticipating to see the world’s tallest building from the aircraft and I literally fixed my eyeballs at the window, looking outside and was searching for Burj Kalifa through the clouds. And after few moments later my eyes finally gave in to the world’s tallest building and to be honest, that was one of the best feelings I have experienced so far.

I have been travelling for the last year and a half (though not frequently), but this will be on the trips that will stay close to my heart for the obvious reasons. To see and to learn, Dubai is the best destination for anyone. Though the city is considered to be luxurious and considered as one of the fastest developing cities in the world, it leaves you to experience the best of both worlds.

A lot more to come. So, stay tuned.

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