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The Nicobar Edit

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

While at Kochi, juggling between the venues of Biennale, I happened to visit this amazing store at one of the venues and I instantly fell in love with the brand. For me, beyond the aviators and shiny collections, the aesthetics of a store plays a bigger role - it doesn’t have to be lavish or look expensive, but it’s truly about the aesthetics, simple yet modern.

Yes, I’m talking about Nicobar – the brand that focuses on creating a modern Indian way of living and dressing. This outlet of Nicobar truly desires to shape culture in an organic way.

Their designs are inspired by journeys across the Indian Ocean (as the name suggests). A contemporary collection that is fresh, aspirational and curious about the world. A brand that’s trendy and modern, yet classy which gives the best to its customers in the way they expect.

At Nicobar, it’s beyond the fabrics and thread. They believe that this is where the culture and commerce intersect to create magic. Well, talking about the texture of the fabric, they use fresh and organic materials which gives a true solid sense of connect with the nature. Their designs are fluid, that anyone from a wanderlust to corporate would ponder upon.

The one thing that I noticed about Nicobar is that, it’s very versatile. While they focus on form, fit and finish, and design pieces that can be worn in ways that suits any lifestyles, they also focus in giving the best to your abode.

As a part of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Nicobar’s pop-up shop, The Nicobar Edit is put up at one of the main venues of the biennale – David Hall, Fort Kochi (directions here). If you are visiting the Biennale, this store should be checked off of list while at Fort Kochi. Since this is a part of Biennale, the store functions until the 12th of February, 2017.

Now go – visit the store and inhale the essence of purity over there. Trust me, it’s divine.

You can follow Nicobar on Facebook and Instagram for some amazing visual treats of their collections.

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